Let Nature Take Its Course

These are photographs of outside during different parts of the day that I found to be interesting. I wanted to capture different sunlight settings, light, shadow, etc. over the course of two days.  The first day were during the morning shots. The second day was during the night after the thunderstorm in my hometown. The reason I titled this work let nature take its course was because I literally did just that and captured it.


Copyright. All rights Reserved. Do not copy any photographs belonging to this user under any circumstances.


6 thoughts on “Let Nature Take Its Course”

  1. Really like what you’ve done with the lighting here. And nice to meet another blogger from Motown. Can we say that your pics and mine are Imported from Detroit, in the words of the Chrysler ads? 🙂

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    1. Hey Tom, thank you! It is nice to see a fellow blogger from Motown as well! We can technically say that I guess lol but they were taken in Ferndale literally a mile over from Detroit. 😉

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