There is this thing called a “Process”

So there’s this thing called process…That word has been lingering in my mind for the past year. When I think of that word automatically I think of growth, the “time” it takes you to accomplish something. I apply it to everyday life. I try not to base my sucess off of others. If that were the case I would be deeply depressed. Although in the past I have struggled with looking at other’s peoples lives and their results and comparing it to “me”. That doesn’t put you in a very happy place. It makes you beat yourself up more and over think as to why am I not having the same results as this person or that person. I can say that to be true in regards to my photography. Yes I started some what late in the game, but I have grown over the few years that I’ve been “making art” is what I would call it. Plenty of times have I asked myself is this something that I “really” want to do? How long is it going to take me to become “good” at it.? All kinds of questions of doubt.

However an epiphany was brought to me. Everyone’s process is different. As simple as that. Plain as day, but hard to see and comprehend. We are all humans we have our own story, our own growth and development to go through. Realizing that has encouraged my creativity to flow. A lot of times you can be hindering or blocking your own success and not even realize  it, because you’re trying base your own work or passion off of someone else. Crazy isn’t it? But you are your own person and we all have different roads and journeys to travel so to speak. But one thing I do know is that I am great at what I do, I love it, and am  passionate about it. If doing something gives you a great feeling afterward and you don’t feel fulfilled unless you’re doing it then there you’ve found your passion. And also you could do it for hours and have to stop yourself so you wont work yourself to the bone, then there that’s it! Trusting yourself is key…And as well Personally for me through faith and trust in God I can do anything.

But this is just a little thing called a process and we all have to go through it.

Stay Creative,



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