Interesting People

I’m working on a series called “Interesting People” I want to work primarily with strangers who I meet on a day to day basis whom I find interesting. I enter a quote from what each subject says during the photographing process. More to come!


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9 thoughts on “Interesting People”

  1. This is a cool idea. I have been wanting to start something like this for a while now, however I keep being a bit too scared to stop people in the street and ask for their picture. Any tips?

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    1. Hey Rob, Thanks! Yeah so I’m honestly a bit nervous we’ll really nervous lol as well about stopping people lol too but I find that when you take a deep breath and just kinda coach yourself and explain to them exactly what you’re doing theyll be willing . Some people say no but I keep it moving because not everyone will say no you know? I hope that helped..Id just let them know what I’m working on such and such project which is true you’re not lying lol. Be friendly be yourself compliment them “You would be interesting to photograph.” so yeah I hope this helps! You just have to break out of that comfort zone and go for it what do you have to lose.
      Stay Creative,


    2. And also whatever you do don’t beat yourself up ! Trust me I’ve done it plenty of times..just brace yourself and do it. Hello sir ma’am …how are you I was wondering may I…I’ve been photographing people for this and that etc. Sorry this reply is so long lol but you can do it!


      1. Thanks for the tips Bee. I shall try to push myself outta the comfort zone. I have a feeling that when I do I’ll be fine. The first one is always the toughest one.

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      2. Youre welcome…and yeah the first time is the most challenging but once you get to doing it again and again you’ll get it!


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