I am hungry , hungry for something deeper beyond what I see with my natural eyes. There are things that are there like “potential”,”passion”, that I hunger for and am becoming. I am becoming passion I am potential because of everyday I wake up is another chance. A chance to be all that I can be, maybe not in one day but one step at a time. I am hungry, I hunger for more and more everyday. Expressing oneself through given outlets and mediums. “Expressing oneself” through their passion. Not giving into the daily hustle and bustle of life but keeping that fire burning, keep that passion alive.

Knowing that some things are distractions, even though some help maintain you daily needs but eventually giving into that one complete passion that completes me. Daily I press toward that dream, that vision holding it in my hand like a key I don’t want to lose. Keeping my eyes fixed on that higher mark. Hunger I hunger for that dream like a I’m in a desert needing water. My hunger keeps  me alive. Me alive and well. Keeping on and keeping on.

What is your hunger?

Stay Creative,



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