Breanna Garvin

150 St Louis ♦ Ferndale, MI 48220 ♦ (313)-728-3429 ♦

PROFILE: Passionate and enthusiastic photographer with 3+ years’ experience in comprehensive and distinctive photography. Proficient in capturing high quality images and arranging equipment for photo sessions while displaying confidence and professionalism at all times. Well versed in different types of photography including portraiture, landscape, event, and architecture. Rigorous knowledge of working with modern photography equipment and tools.

Areas of expertise

Photographic Equipment ♦Image Processing ♦Lens adjustment

Adobe Photoshop/Bridge ♦ Camera Setting


Photographer, Detroit Association of Women’s Club Detroit, MI Aug.2015-Present

  • Capture images based off of assignment needs
  • Work with Association’s President to interpret project needs
  • Work with clients to ensure client’s needs were met
  • Pre-edit and edit images as necessitated
  • Develop photographs by retouching and resizing them
  • Ensured proper photo quality
  • Coordinated during events to produce excellent photographs
  • Arranged the shoot site for particular projects
  • Set up equipment and tools as needed for projects

Freelance Photographer, The Michigan Chronicle Detroit, MI March 2016-Present

  • Work with Senior Editor to execute the paper’s needs
  • Pursue leads to create pictorial and written content
  • Produce images predicated upon assignment needs
  • Coordinating during events to create excellent photographs while maintaining professionalism
  • Edit images to ensure proper photo quality
  • Collaborate with clients to assure client’s needs were met
  • Organize equipment and tools needed for assignment

Photography Intern Daylight Media Team Detroit, MI Apr. 2014-Aug.2014

  • Gained more experience assisting with photos of special events such as the annual picnic and the women’s meeting.
  • Learned valuable skills with hands-on photography by taking action shots and pictures of the congregation, during sermons, and children ministry lessons.
  • Bookstore Attendant/ Stock and Filing Clerk-Updating orders and cash handling, customer service provided during in- house bookstore hours and during all conferences and special events. Also assisting during inventory and restocking.


Michigan State University College B.A. Fine Arts (Concentration in Photography)

May 2015 ( Dean’s List, Graduated with Honors)

Relevant Skills

  • Studio/Location Photography (Lighting) /Dark Room
  • Adobe Photoshop, Camera Raw Bridge, In Design
  • Well versed in still, color, black and white, and event photography
  • Aesthetic and conceptual awareness
  • Microsoft Suite, Internet and Social Network Savvy
  • Office Equipment operations (Fax, Email, Copier/Printer)

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