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I was born and raised on the West Side of Detroit, MI where kids played, block parties existed, and where families and neighbors divided and came together. Growing up in the urban community, a lot of my work is influenced by my life experiences, struggles, and lessons.  Feeling like I had no voice growing up, I want to give individuals that voice that they may not feel like they have otherwise. Through portraiture, my work shows how individuals overcome challenges in their lives, their vulnerability to those situations, and their solution. Ultimately my focus is creating unity through/and the overcoming of barriers. The Kitchen Series by Carrie Mae Weems is my strongest influence. In the series, the overhead light is lighting the figure, there is the subject and the kitchen table which makes it more intimate. It shows a series of events that the person goes through, strength to weakness and vice versa in which I strive to display.  My work is anchored in the purpose of encouraging others to overcome their struggles be it depression, anger, or hurt.I work primarily with digital photography, natural and studio lighting. In my latest work, the use of strobe lights help make the subject clearly visible. Lighting the subject adds warmth or coolness to the skin, shadow, etc. The isolation of the figure plays an important role due to the storytelling aspect of my work. The viewer then is confronted with a proposition, and forced to interact by listening. 


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2 thoughts on “Speak”

  1. Hello Bee! Please allow me to critique your portfolio. First up, I do not consider myself a photographer. I never had any training. But I was able to pick up a few tips here and there on the internet. Honestly, I still struggle with the exposure triangle.
    You have some nice shots in your portfolio but they do not tell a clear story of what kind of photographer you are. Your portfolio should have the best shots of your specialty. Whether portrait, landscape, event, etc. I do not have a portfolio but I would suggest you look at some of the industry stalwarts portfolio.

    PS: It is refreshing to see a person of color exhibit their interest in photography.

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    1. Hey Noel! Thank you for the honest critique! Right now I do not have a speciality and these are all over the course of my college career as a photo students t. So these are in a round a bout way some of my best shots that I felt strongly about, and were demonstrating certain things I learned which were portraiture and were able to tie things I was passionate about into it. On the other hand my blog is just photos weekly I take that are interesting to me! That’s true and I agree with you! I will take that into consideration! I am currently working on finding my specialty and gaining more experience in those different areas. 😉Mainly I’ve done a lot of portraiture..so I’m branching out after graduating. Thanks a lot for your thoughts ! 👌👍

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