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Black Man Monologue Play

The Black Man Monologue(Written and Captured for the Michigan Chronicle)

Published in the Michigan Chronicle-Digital Copy Found:


Young African-American males have lower rates of college preparedness, test scores, graduation rates, and literacy rates than their counterparts among other racial and ethnic demographics. On the night of Feb.19 at Wayne State University “The Black Man” Monologue was presented. The Black Man Monologue is an interactive play written by Je’ McClain a (Denby High School alum), exploring and displaying the many different stereotypes of African American men. With a predominantly Black cast and 4 female cast members. The play consisted of different scenarios provided that exhibited the different stereotypes such as “The School Nerd”, “The Married Man”, “The brother who just got out”, “The raped child”, and many more.

Throughout the play the male actor would say “I am the voice of the stereotype.” In each scene, the male actor pleaded his case to the audience of why things were this way, making relatable to all. These all were powerful moments in being faced with the actuality and prominence these given “titles” holds today. This was evident through the crowd’s response and applause. There was laughter, sometimes silence, and other times applause.This was a night that marked history addresing the historical scars of black men in the African American community empowering them against and to end the negative cycles of today.

Standing boldly with their fists raised high in the air written on there shirts were names such as Trayvon Martin , Mike Brown, Eric Gardner, and many more . In rememberance of these men the scale of this event has since reached out to college and high school students, faculty, and many families. Honoring Black History “The Black Man Monologue” paid tribute to all the black men killed due to police brutality.

The Married Man
therapedchild (2)
The Raped Child
freshout (2)2
Fresh out of prison
The Christian Man

‘Military Tea’ event honors special women | The Michigan Chronicle

Here is an event that I covered/photographed. It was on the Military Tea put on by the Detroit Assoiciation of Women’s Club on April 19,2016. (For the Michigan Chronicle)

In 1925, the Detroit Assoiciation of Women’s Clubs (DAWC) was formed. “Lifiting as We Climb” is the club’s motto and DAWC has been serving the Detroit Community since 1925. The house had undergone …

Source: ‘Military Tea’ event honors special women | The Michigan Chronicle

DownTown Detroit Escapades Beauty Shoot


Last week on February 8th, it was an unseasonably warm day. I decided to go shoot with this beauty Mara! I’m sure she doesn’t mind me saying her name! However here are a few photos I captured of her experimenting with natural lighting outside (overcast day), and some mixed with an external flash. I am passionate about displaying the potential in others that’s usually not seen by them. “Just a witness and documentor of the potential the naked eye can’t see.”

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 Here is a video that was of great inspiratin to me. What do you think?

“When you put the frame up to your eye, the world continues outside the frame. So what you put in and what you leave out are what determines the meaning or potential of your photograph. But you must continue to keep in mind that there’s plenty of stuff going on off-stage and [think about] what bearing the rest of the stuff off-stage have…”-Joel Meyerowitz “The play is always in the potential.”-Hits home.

Just a witness and documentor of the potential the naked eye can't see.